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Thromboxane B2
Structural Information
Systematic Name 7- [Tetrahydro- (4S,6) -dihydroxy-2 R- (3S-hydroxy-trans-1-octenyl) -2H-pyran-3S-yl] -cis-5-heptenoic acid
Common Name
  • Thromboxane B2
  • 7- [ Tetrahydro-4 (S) ,6-dihydroxy-2 (R) - (3 (S) -hydroxy-1 (E) -octenyl) -2H-pyran-3 (S) -yl ] -5 (Z) -heptenoic acid
Symbol TXB2
Formula C20H34O6
Exact Mass 370.23553882
Average Mass 370.48036
Physicochemical Information
Melting Point 95-96°C Hanessian_S et al.
Boiling Point
Optical Rotation [ α ]25
   =57.4°(C=0.26 ETHYL ACETATE) HanessianSet al.
Refractive Index
Solubility ETHYL ACETATE Kelly RW et al.
Source Thromboxane B2 as a stable degradation product of bioactive but unstable thromboxane A2 is detected in the tissue where thromboxane A2 is produced Moncada_S et al..
Chemical Synthesis Hanessian_S et al.
Metabolism The major urinary metabolite of tromboxane B2 is 2,3-dinor-thromboxane B2 Kindahl_H , and 11-dehydro-thromboxane B2 is known as a suitble parameter for monitoring thromboxane production in human Westlund_P et al.. 11-Hydroxythromboxane B2 dehydrogenase responsible for the 11-dehydro-thromboxane B2 production was identified as cytosolic aldehyde dehydrogenase Westlund_P et al..
Biological Activity Thromboxane B2 as s stable degradation product of thromboxane A2 shows diminishd biological activity Whittle_BJ et al..
Genetic Information
Spectral Information
Mass Spectra m/e 335, 317 HanessianSet al.
UV Spectra
IR Spectra FILM: ν 3380, 1705cm-1 HanessianSet al.
NMR Spectra 1H-NMR(CDCl3) : δ 5.86(m, 1H, 14-CH), 5.72(m, 1H, 13-CH), 5.46(m, 2H, 5,6-CH), 5.35 and 5.23(m, 1H, 11-CH), 4.41(m, 1H, 12-CH), 4.22(m, 1H, 15-CH), 4.11(m, 1H, 9-CH), 2.35(t, 2H, 2-CH2), 0.89(m, 3H, 20-CH3) KotovychGet al.
Other Spectra
Reported Metabolites, References
Biospecies ID Compound Name Reference Comment
n.a. LBF20207TX02 See above. Hanessian_S et al. 1977
n.a. LBF20207TX02 See above. Kelly_RW et al. 1976
n.a. LBF20207TX02 See above. Kindahl_H 1977
n.a. LBF20207TX02 See above. Kotovych_G et al. 1980
n.a. LBF20207TX02 See above. Moncada_S et al. 1978
n.a. LBF20207TX02 See above. Westlund_P et al. 1994
n.a. LBF20207TX02 See above. Westlund_P et al. 1986

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