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Prostaglandin F1α
Structural Information
Systematic Name 7- [ (3R,5S) -Dihydroxy-2R- (3S-hydroxy-trans-1-octenyl) -cyclopentan-1R -yl] -heptanoic acid
Common Name
  • Prostaglandin F1α
  • (8R,9S,11R,13E,15S) -9,11,15-Trihydroxyprost-13-enoic acid
Symbol PGF1α
Formula C20H36O5
Exact Mass 356.256274262
Average Mass 356.49684
Physicochemical Information
Melting Point 102-103°C
Boiling Point
Optical Rotation [ α ]X25
   =+30°(ETHANOL) Pike_JE et al.
Refractive Index
Solubility DIETHYL ETHER, ETHYL ACETATE, METHANOL , ETHANOL Pike_JE et al. BergstromSet al.
Source Prostaglandin F1 alpha is contained in human seminal plasma in an amount of 3.6 microgram/ml Bergstrom_S , and is detected in ovine seminal plasma and seminal vesicle, human amniotic fluid, umbilical cord, placental vessels and decidua, frog spinal cord and intestine, and rat adrenal Horton_EW .
Chemical Synthesis Miyano_M et al.
Biological Activity In terms of contraction of gastrointestinal smooth muscles, prostaglandin F1 alpha was repoprted to be about 10 times less active than prostaglandin F2 alpha Horton_EW . Reference Bergstrom_S et al. contains a table for comparison of biological activities of various prostaglandins including F1 alpha .
Genetic Information
Spectral Information
Mass Spectra m/e 356(M+), 338, 320 Ramwell_PW et al.
UV Spectra
IR Spectra d,l-PGF1 α  ; KBr : ν 3330, 1716, 967 cm-1 MiyanoMet al.
NMR Spectra 1H-NMR(ACETONE-d6, TMS) : δ 5.50(2H, 13-,14-CH), 3.75-4.3(m, 3H), 0.88(t, 3H) Ramwell_PW et al.1H-NMR(CD3OD, TMS, 300MHz): δ 4.10(1H, 9-CH), 3.81(1H, 11-CH), 2.36(1H, 10 β -CH), 1.57(1H, 10 α -CH) De_ClercqPet al.
Other Spectra
Reported Metabolites, References
Biospecies ID Compound Name Reference Comment
n.a. LBF20107PG03 See above. Bergstrom_S 1967
n.a. LBF20107PG03 See above. Bergstrom_S et al. 1968
n.a. LBF20107PG03 See above. Bergstrom_S et al. 1960
n.a. LBF20107PG03 See above. De_Clercq_P et al. 1977
n.a. LBF20107PG03 See above. Horton_EW 1965
n.a. LBF20107PG03 See above. Horton_EW 1969
n.a. LBF20107PG03 See above. Miyano_M et al. 1972
n.a. LBF20107PG03 See above. Pike_JE et al. 1969
n.a. LBF20107PG03 See above. Ramwell_PW et al. 1971

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